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Where can I find flip flops with rhinestones?

I saw a girl the other day with black flip flops on that had rhinestones embedded in the sole. The rhinestones were all the way around the edge and the straps were rubber. I couldn't tell who they were made by and I can't find them anywhere. Please help!

Where can I find flip flops with rhinestones?
Try Nordstrom's ( ).

They are currently having their quarterly sale.

Also, there is a super cute pair of sandals (flat ones) by Michael Kors. They're super-cute!
Reply:Ebay, they sell everything even sticks...
Reply:Why in the world would you want something so very tacky?

Try eBay


you can find them anywhere online.
Reply:Make your own. Flip flops with rhinestones are ridiculously priced.
Reply:check american eagle or body central or abercrombie

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How to clean White flip flops?

Does any one know how to clean my foot print out of my flip flops???? I need to know by thursday..... I'm going to see my boy friend and I want to look good!!!!

How to clean White flip flops?
LOL, Is is almost impossible. But mix baking soda with water(paste) and scrub it with a toothbrush. That should do it. Just dont try to add bleach to it.
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Reply:well use bleach and just scrub them will a brish i always do that and min come out fine
Reply:Mr. Clean Magic eraser ..
Reply:Buy new flip flops. Or if you don't want to do that, I would definitely reccomend bleach!
Reply:don't wear flip flops if u want to look good
Reply:put them in the washing machine
Reply:I use Soft Scrub with bleach %26amp; scrub them with a toothbrush.
Reply:Put them in the trash and go buy you a new pair right now because tomorrow is approaching fast.
Reply:You can't! so throw them away and buy knew ones.
Reply:Well if they are all white then you could use bleach
Reply:Oxyclean does work but it doesn't get them all the way clean. so u should just throw them out.

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Asian teens: bare feet, flip flops, other sandals or shoes?

pls tell me if you are a girl or boy :)

bare feet, flip flops, sandals or shoes: which do you prefer?

and if you choose bare feet, assume there's *no* risk of infection or injury, like you're indoors or something lol

p.s. if you're wondering why i asked only asian teens, this is for a middle school statistics project and i chose the topic "footwear and culture"... dumb i know :(

and if you're interested in survey results for my project you can visit my xanga:

Asian teens: bare feet, flip flops, other sandals or shoes?
In a way this is a tough Q. Casually, I like to wear flip flops/ sandals. *looks down at feet and wiggles toes* I like my feet. lol I'm a girl by the way, adopted from South Korea! ^_^ I like your site too.
Reply:I go around bare feet most of the time unless if i'm going somewhere that includes shoes on my feet.(i'm an american girl) lol!!!
Reply:ok well i'm a girl from the philippines so...

when i'm indoors, i like to go barefoot.

but if i'm goin out i perfer flip flops

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Where can I find flip flops with rhinestones on the sole?

I saw a girl the other day with black flip flops on that had rhinestones embedded in the sole. The rhinestones were all the way around the edge. I couldn't tell who they were made by and I can't find them anywhere. Please help!

Where can I find flip flops with rhinestones on the sole?
I have a pair of black platform flip flops with clear rhinestones embedded only around the edge of the flip flop and they are made by Steve Madden. The ones I have sound like they are the ones or similar ones you might have seen. I have to tell you, I got my pair at Ross a few years ago...and haven't ever seen anyone else wearing them nowadays. You can always try to buy a pair of plain black flipflops from somewhere and glue on your own rhinestones!!! Glue some on the edge of the flip flips and you can even put some on the straps too!
Reply:iv never seen them but they sound really cute!
Reply:BEBE makes them exclusive!!!! miami botique
Reply:Maybe she made them. Go to your local craft store, buy some rhinestones and a pair of plain flip flops and get gluing!
Reply:i would go searching around, downtown, state street, and the Lincoln park area shops, because they have a bunch of cute little designer stores there!
Reply:They sound painful but Im probably picturing them wrong. Did you try a google search? lol

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Where can I buy flip flops in different colors?

I'm looking for something cheap.. but not like K-mart...

I need comfortable flat sandals (preferably thong flip flops) that come in different colors so i can wear them to school everyday.. not tacky beach shoes though. If you have any good stores in mind please share. Thank you!

Where can I buy flip flops in different colors?
You need to go to an Old Navy store or visit their web site. They have flip flops in about 10 different colors (plus some others with floral prints on them) that cost like 3 bucks!

I have a pair in black, brown, lavender, hot pink and red and they are comfy, cute, and match with all kinds of outfits. I bought the red ones 4 years ago for 1.99 (yeah the prices have went up) and I STILL wear them!

Also, if you’re looking for a different look from day to day I suggest you also look at the Victoria’s Secret site for bargains on cute flip slop sandals. Here are some link, check them out :

Reply:This website has nice flip flops, http://www.shop2divas.ecrater.... They offer 15% off your first order. Put code SHOP15OFF in the notes section of PayPal when ordering. Report It

Reply:OLD NAVY- the best store in the world.

I think they have em for like , $2.50 a peice and $5 for 2 pairs
Reply:Old Navy has every color you can think of
Reply:old navy
Reply:wal mart. i always get my flip flips from there. they have a variety of colors. they last a long time and they're comfortable
Reply:old navy is the best place

old navy!***

rue 21!
Reply:old navy



something like that
Reply:I'm not sure of your price range, but try these...
Reply:try victorias
Reply:old navy.

that's where i get mine.
Reply:Old Navy
Reply:old navy or holister
Reply:Target, Walmart or Old Navy
Reply:old navy has nice ones.

They had/ have a huse sale.

Must go.

Reply:Old Navy or Joyce Leslie
Reply:hollister and a%26amp;f have plenty
Reply:abercrombie and old navy
Reply:American Eagle, Payless, Forever 21

Good Luck!
Reply:you can try at oldnavy, walmart, kohls .. u can get something at real less price

if you want to try something cooler.. try the ones at NY%26amp;co.. they r at $12.50..
Reply:Get a can of spray paint.
Reply:Old Navy has like every color of flip flop you could want and they are only 2 pairs for $5.00.... here are some pics..

Have FUN!!
Reply:Old Navy has a lot of flip flops in just about any color you can think of! And some of them are cute! One pair is like $2.50 and you can get two for $5.00
Reply:old navy

Reply:target and walmart have nice kewl looking cheap flip flops
Reply:Old navy has lots of colors and they are just plain color no flower print or anything like that. They hold up good,lots of ppl in my school where them
Reply:Old Navy has a wide variety of color and patterns and they are very comfy. They are also less that $5 and very durable!

hope i helped!

Reply:Old Navy has a whole WALL of flip flops in different colors and patterns. They're pretty cheap, too. :D

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Is it true that going barefoot over flip flops are better for your feet outside??

whats the truth barefoot? or flip flops walking outside? also are the thinner the flip flops the better?

Is it true that going barefoot over flip flops are better for your feet outside??
Going barefoot is very healthy. Injuries are unlikely; feet get very tough very quickly, I rarely get even as much as a splinter and never had a cut in ten years of going barefoot everywhere. Parasites are unlikely as well; hookworm can enter through the feet but has been pretty much gone from the South since modern plumbing has replaced the outhouses and never was a problem in cooler climates. Other worms spread by ingestion, not through the foot. Feet don't need support; a study among people in Asia who'd never worn shoes showed the rikshaw coolies, who ran barefoot on pavement all day long, had very, very few foot problems; far less than Western folks! Some stores require shoes but it's not a Health Department law or insurance requirement.

I have little experience with flipflops, I prefer being barefoot because it's just far more comfortable and pleasant to feel all the different surfaces underneath (even the rough ones), so I can't give much advice about them, only that when driving it's better to take them off and drive barefoot. In spite of persistent myths, driving barefoot is *not* illegal and driving with loose footwear as flipflops is much more dangerous than without any footwear at all (see last link in the source).
Reply:Not on cement, wear shoes there.

Barefoot (or as close as possible) allows the bottom of your feet to be moved by the texture of the ground (grass, dirt, sand, etc.). There are nerve endings at the bottom of the feet which correspond with organs and body parts. The massaging (moving) of them increases energy and circulation throughout your body.
Reply:No, you need some foot protection! I like the flip flops that are kind of squishy. Steve Madden has some comfy foam ones! You want ones that offer some support for you feet.
Reply:It's not safer or healthier. Besides stepping on stuff that could puncture your feet, you can also get worms and such. That said, I went barefoot all the time as a child. But then, that's how I know about the punctures and worms.
Reply:You need something to support your feet! Flip flops are ruining our feet. We need to support our arches, to try and prevent our arches falling in later life. Flip flops on the weekend are ok, but those who wear them allll the time are definitely doing their feet no favours.

The thicker the better and something with a little arch support in it!

Though you know, I just love walking around on the grass barefoot, it's the best! :)
Reply:flip flops are good for you. they are flimsey and contour to the natural shape of your feet =)

bearfoot is for bears... wild animals that dont care how thier feet look. unless you live in a perfect lucious field of soft grass, your feet will be killed if you dont wear shoes.
Reply:how else are you planning to wear flip flops??

just dont wear them with socks..

and it seems like the thicker the flip flop the more support you would have..but they could still be damaging to your feet if they are poorly made.

it seems like you're trying to ask if it's better for your feet to wear flip flops or go bare foot. that would depend on where you're planning on walking.
Reply:no way. i broke both my feet doing that. the breaks are called stress fractures. wear shoes with supports. you'll regret it later in life if you don't.
Reply:no, flip flops are safe and they protect you so its better to wear them outside instead of going barefoot

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My stomach is doing flip flops.......what does this mean?

Ok.........i met this guy, and he is so nice.........and now for some reason my tummy feels like it's floating and doing flip flops, and everything else........what does this mean i think i know what it means but i'm not sure................HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My stomach is doing flip flops.......what does this mean?
I think that your in love! Whenever you get like that around a guy, it usually means love! SO DON'T IGNORE IT! Do something to tell him how you feel! And he might feel the same way about you!

Good Luck!
Reply:u like him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:YOU LIKE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:You like him! :D
Reply:It means that you like him ALOT.... Call your doctor and ask how you can stop it, if you want it to stop..